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Transcribing an item

So you want to transcribe? Here is how to get started!

Choose an item

To begin transcribing, you will go to the Items page of your dataset. You will see all the items that are in that dataset. Once you filter items locked to me, you are able to click on any one of those items.

You will be led to the Records page. Records of transcriptions will be in the center of the screen. On the right side of the screen there are Item Actions with the lock status, meaning only the reviewer and the person it is locked to can edit it. In the top right corner, click on ‘Add New Record’

Transcribing Screen

The center right contains your form to fill out according to the image on center left of your screen. An asterisk means that field is a required field to fill in.

Under ‘Guidelines’ there are specific instructions that the project manager can leave for transcribers to follow as they are working.

On the right side of the screen there is a panel called Record Actions for extra notes for transcribers or reviewers.

Workflow options

On the top left there are three buttons to adjust the screen for better workflow. ‘Enable Focus Mode’ allows you to remove side panels from view while transcribing.

‘Fast Entry Mode’ removes extra check boxes from the form.

Then a layout modifier. Vertical view is default, or choose a horizontal view.

Save your work

In the top right and click ‘Save And…’ either stay on the record if you save periodically or return to the records page.

Submitting the item

Back on the records page there is a drop-down menu on the right-side panel under Item Actions for ‘Submission Status’. Click on that to select ‘Submit For Review’ and you are done.


This screencast walks through the process of transcribing.