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Exporting and importing forms

In a DataScribe project you may need to use the same or similar forms for multiple datasets. Rather than making the same form over and over, you can export the form from an existing dataset and reuse it. This is particularly helpful when you have longer forms.

Note that you can only import a form when you are adding a new dataset. You can’t import a form to an existing DataSet.

Export the dataset form

To begin, go to the dataset where you have already built the form you want to use or modify.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the dataset page.

In the right hand drawer there is a heading for “Export form”. Below the heading is a link with the text “Click to export form (JSON)”.

Saving the form

Click on the link to download the form. Your browser should prompt you to chose a place on your computer to save the file. Choose a location which makes sense and where you can easily find the form. If you are going to be reusing the form, be sure to put it in a safe place.

The default title for the exported form is form_export. If you plan on using the form more than once, or are going to export multiple forms, rename the file before downloading.

Import the dataset form

You can only import an existing for when creating a new dataset.

Create a new dataset which will use the same form. Add information for the title (required) and select an item set to use. If you do not add guidelines when creating the dataset, be sure to add some in the future.

Towards the bottom of the Add Dataset form, there is an option to import a form. Click the button. Then, using your browser’s file manager, find the form file you have already downloaded.

Be sure to save.

Click “Add new dataset.”

When you go in to edit your new dataset, you should now see the form you imported. From here, you can also add, delete, or modify fields as needed for this specific dataset.


This screencast walks through the process of exporting and importing a dataset form.