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Each tutorial is available as a page and can also be downloaded as pdf. Some tutorials may include a screencast.

Build a project: An introduction to creating projects in DataScribe.

Build a form: A walkthrough of the process of translating historical structured data to DataScribe form fields.

Exporting and importing forms: How to export a form from an existing dataset and import it when creating a new dataset.

Sync a dataset: A walk-through of how to sync your DataScribe dataset with the Omeka S item set.

Transcribing an item: How to transcribe an item in Datascribe..

Transcribing Non-Digitized Sources: Learn how to use DataScribe to work with structured historical data which has not been digitized..

Reviewing transcriptions: How to review transcribed items in Datascribe.

Export a dataset: How to export your dataset.

Importing DataScribe data to Omeka S: How to use a DataScribe export to update the items in your Omeka S installation.